Jura & Drei-Seen-Land

The region of the three lakes

The Seeland (country of lakes) offers indeed many things! The lakes, canals, vineyards, colorful forests and the wine producing villages are idyllic. St. Peter’s Island on the lake of Biel/Bienne with its path in the prairies offers a variety of scenery which Jean-Jacques Rousseau appreciated grandly. The valley Val de Travers is full of legends and offers a magnificent landscape to the lovers of nature. It is the birthplace of many figures of tales and legends. A detour in this natural paradise and its legends is a must.

The canton of Solothurn from earlier eras to modern times

The Mediterranean charm of Solothurn, embedded in the idyllic countryside of the Aare river valley, the green industrial city of Grenchen, the countryside of Bucheggerg, the impressive heights of the Jura mountain chain, the picturesque old town of Olten and the hills of the Schwazbubenland invite visitors for a cultural discovery trip.

Solothurn, the most beautiful baroque town of Switzerland

The “Ambassador city” has earned its nickname because the French Ambassador to Switzerland resided here for centuries and introduced their life and construction style from the 16th to 18th century. The sumptuous sacred buildings, monumental fountains loaded with symbols and imposing towers tell a long story. Learn more about Switzerland’s most beautiful baroque city of and its interesting sites and stories and try to find out about the mysterious figure 11.

Neuchâtel, a heart for Prussia

From the lake and as far as the heights of the Jura mountain chain, the countryside of Neuchâtel offers a surprising diversity of landscapes. Situated in the heart of the Jura arc, the canton of Neuchâtel represents an important part of the Swiss watch making art. Famous brands are at home in this region. And on 600 hectares, excellent quality wines prosper. During the last weekend of September, Neuchâtel holds the wine harvest festival, which last three days.

This university city has a rich cultural and architectural past, which invites a stroll in the pedestrian zone between attractions such as the castle and the abbey of the 12th century. Alexandre Dumas father visited Neuchâtel in the 19th century and enthused: “the town is like sculpted in a bar of butter”. It was irresistible to Friedrich Dürrenmatt. Blaise Cendrars, Jean Piaget and Philippe Suchard are other examples of world famous people from Neuchâtel. The Laténium exposes 50'000 years of prehistory, a heritage, which brings us back far into our past.